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Launching your first online venture is a really exciting time, but it can also be very overwhelming. Let Sorcery Digital lend a hand and get your new brand hitting all the right marks for your launch.

With the first strategy call to discuss what type of business you are launching and what you are trying to achieve, a plan will be formed to make sure every detail is perfect for your launch.

A digital friend indeed

We loving helping small business owners

We can help get your socials ready and looking professional, set up and talk you through all your accounts for advertising. Guide your thought important tasks like getting your website pages on google. 

Make sure your business is going to get off to a flying start. 

Brand Set Up Blob

Book a free strategy session

A helping hand as you launch your business

Having someone to guide you through the initial stages of 

We will set up four strategy calls and plan the launch steps of your business together.

We will set up your digital accounts with Google ads, Console and Business account.

We will setup your first ad campaign designed to bring traffic and awareness to your new website.

We will show you how to collect email addresses and run an email marketing campaign.

Checklist of everything that needs to be completed before and during the early stages of your new business.

Brand Set Up Package

One off payment
$ 1500
  • 4 x Strategy Calls
  • Google Ads, Console & Business Set Up
  • Meta & Instagram Ad Plan
  • Email Marketing Advisory
  • Business launch checklist

Small Business

Digital Marketing Agency

For a free strategy session to find out which plan is best for your business

Brand Set Up Package $1500 | Sorcery Digital | Melbourne

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