How Perfect Packaging Can Help Grow Your Business

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The Perfect Packaging

For eCommerce shoppers, the packaging is the one point of physical contact a customer will have with your brand.

There are some important steps you need to follow to make sure your packaging is hitting all the marks.

You really want the packaging to create a great experience for the person that has spent money with your business. You want it to feel well thought and considered. The packaging is an extension of your brand and if your products just banged in a post bag with no branding you are doing both your band and your customer a disservice. 

A thoughtfully wrapped and branded parcel make the customer feel as if their order was appreciated which has an effect on their future purchasing decisions. And a study showed that your customer is more likely to share the purchase on social media if the packaging impressed them. And with #unboxing being used 2.5 million times on Instagram its clear that this is important factor for consumers.

When you are first starting out with ecommerce it can feel like an added expense but it is extremely  important to get the repeat custom of people that are buying into your band. And even the most cost effective option can leave them with good feeling about your brand. In digital marketing one of the most important factors is customer retention, and this can make it a hard sell if the last time they brought something from your website it arrived in lacklustre packaging.

We do need to think about the waste that this can create and make sure we are using recycled and recyclable components. Plastic free is defiantly the way to be! There are really beautiful and cost effective options available now so no excuses. 

So where to start? Firstly the outer packaging. A compostable mailer or recycled cardboard box are your best options. If you can afford to have these printed that great but it is not essential. Next depending on your product you will need tissue paper and a sticker to seal the deal. There are pretty decently priced printing options available now so check out some local business and see what works for you. No Issue is a great place to start.

Now you also have to opportunity to give a gift or discount code to your customer using a custom printed card. Rewarding that customer or even just a thank you note really makes a difference.

We have now left the customer with that warm fuzzy feeling of receiving a perfectly packaged parcel and that is how you keep them coming back.

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