Checklist – Launch An eCommerce Business


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Checklist – Launching An eCommerce Business

So you have decided to launch your own eCommerce business in Australia, congratulations! While this will be a super exciting time it can also be overwhelming. Download our checklist to help you keep on track. Having a digital marketing expert on board from the beginning is a great way to fast track your success and help you focus on the content that will push your new brand in the right direction

Choose a great business name

The first and most important step. Brainstorm a bunch of ideas and run them by people and see what the response is. Make sure it is available to register and has not been taken already on social media sites.

Buy the URL domain name

Lock in your new business name by purchasing the URL. 

Business name registration

Register your new business name here  

Register your ABN

Apply for an ABN for your business here

Google Business Account

You will need a google account to show up on google search and for advertising. Click here to sign up.

Choose your target market 

Knowing who you are selling to helps define every aspect of your business, from the colours and font to the tone you will be using on your website. The more specific the better.


Contact a graphic designer and give them a brief on what your business does and they will come up with designs for you to choose from.

Logo variations

Often you will need more than one logo. A small logo with the initials of your brand can be a great idea. 

Colour palette

Choose a colour palette or 2 – 5 colours that will be used for every aspect of your brand.


Pick 2 fonts that can be used for your website and branding and social media. Check out this Canva article on font pairings.


Packaging is so important for an e-commerce business. Check out our previous blog on packaging here.

Social Media accounts 

Set up all the social media accounts your will be using.  And start planning content.

Launch date

Pick a launch date and stick to it. Make sure you are being realistic and don’t rush yourself. You need to have everything ready for a smooth rollout.

Web Hosting

Choose a site to host your new website. 

Web Design

Work with a web designer to build a beautiful website designed to sell.

T’s & C’s

Make sure you have your terms and conditions clear on your website.


Have an S.E.O plan in place to make sure you start ranking on search engines

Digital Marketing Plan

Have a digital strategy in place to make sure your brand is seen.

Launch Your Business

Good luck with the e-commerce launch! Let’s work together on your digital marketing plan. 

Download Checklist

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